GmapUSA Site Analysis Procedure

Our Goal

  • To evaluate sites for development to determine sales potential
  • To provide a fully comprehensive report based on a local fields surveys and demographic and traffic count information
  • To provide the client with a value added service for their analysis the potential site

Our Method

  1. Retail experts collect data for the site within each trade area for the Field Survey.
  2. We collect traffic information including: gasoline volume, facility data, and C-store data.
  3. GmapUSA loads the data collected into our database.
  4. Finally, we include all pertinent demographic info to complete the study.

Our Output

You will receive:

  • A report including maps with sites, demographics, gasoline and store projections.
  • A written analysis about the site and the local trade area.
  • Retail Suggestions and comments with regard to the viability of the project